bad faith

Monique Atherton

Monique’s uncompromising photographs of people and places explore past and present traumas of dislocation and abandonment. Many of them communicate an alienated sense of intimacy. They become explorations of an internal psychological landscape, rather than just depictions of external life. In her recent work, Monique has experimented with digital manipulation, creating surreal and haunting images that express the disorienting experience of processing loss.

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Photos from the First Avenue Series...

Monique House.jpg
Screenshot_2018-09-03 First Avenue.jpg
Screenshot_2018-09-03 First Avenue.jpg


Photographs from the series Bad Faith...

Screenshot_2018-09-03 Bad Faith.jpg
Screenshot_2018-09-03 Bad Faith.png
Screenshot_2018-09-03 Bad Faith(1).png
Screenshot_2018-09-03 Bad Faith(1).jpg


Photo documentation of Untitled (Peep Booth)...

Screenshot_2018-09-03 Performance and Installation.jpg